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Feb 27, 2019

Barry Eichner from reads his article, "10 Best Spring Skincare Products".  It's their Spring Renewal Guide.

We've got the 10 best spring skincare products that you'll need for a Spring Renewal!  


Feb 27, 2019

Barry Eichner of reads his article, "A Best Microneedling Option For Spas – The Next Generation Machine'

Get To Know DermaFrac



Feb 25, 2019

Barry Eichner from Chats with Katie Anderson, Editor of Skin INC Magazine.   Find out what Katie loves to use for her Skin. Body and Soul.  

Katie chats about the upcoming Face & Body Spa Conference and Expo and offers our listeners a great deal on registering for the 2 Day...

Feb 20, 2019

Barry Eichner from reads his article B-Day Treats For Barry!  


Barry talks about 5 amazing skincare products, tools and devices that you'll love!  

Feb 13, 2019

Barry Eichner from reads his article The Ultimate Symbol For Femininity & Sexuality. 

Listen to this podcast to learn about products that you can use to enhance your lips and lashes.